The Department of Orthopedics, Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center performs three basic roles that are congruent with the general purpose of a teaching training regional medical center. These are the delivery of orthopedic services, the training of competent and safe surgeons and involvement in relevant research activities. The main focus, however, is on the delivery of the best orthopedic care to any patient it serves. The following policies are designed to ensure that such carried out properly and efficiently. These policies, however, will need periodic re-evaluation to assess its relevance to the role that the department plays.


An organization of empowered, competent and compassionate health service professionals recognized globally for innovative and quality orthopedic service, training, relevant research and orthopedic health policy development.


To advance the art and science of orthopedics in providing an excellent and resilient service delivery, training and promotion of relevant research by an empowered, compassionate and highly skilled health professionals in Eastern Visayas Region.